The year was 1872, Settlers tended to their fields, rifles ready to hand, wary of bands of escaped convicts who ranged the plains to plunder, to ravish, to eat and drink and toast their spoils. Two bushrangers roamed the length of the colony of Western Australia. Bib & Tucker - infamous for their fine threads, rascality & rollicking good times. They were gentlemen accustomed to fine food, women & wine. They rode in gangs, adorned themselves with emblems reading ‘The Bib & Tucker Gang’, held councils of war, and took oaths of secrecy….


Bib & Tucker stands today as a place of refined rascality. Sartorial splendour is the order of the day at this Leighton Beach restaurant, ranging from the colonial to the contemporary. Owners Eamon Sullivan, Steve Hooker and Jamie Dwyer have crafted the Bib & Tucker ethos from the legend of those two bushrangers.

A Fremantle restaurant boasting sweeping views across Leighton Beach, Bib & Tucker offers patrons a relaxed ethos and a simple promise – a modern Australian menu with no compromise on quality or presentation. Nestled amongst North Fremantle’s pristine sand dunes, Bib & Tucker is known for delicious seasonal menus imbued with flavoursome character, making it the perfect place to enjoy lunch or dinner on the coast in Fremantle. 


Some of Our Favourites


Bibs Burn-Addict - $25

Poached eggs, crispy pork hock, smoked chilli hollandaise, crispy leeks, pickled chillies, corn bread (GFO)

Kohi Roasted Skirt Steak [GF] - $36

Puffed black rice, shaved asparagus, miso butter


Charcoal Roasted Barramundi - $38

Charred fennel, white beans, smoky saffron sauce

Banoffe Bombe Alaska - $18

biscuit base, banana & toffee ice cream, dulce de leche, toasted meringue flambe +2




18 Leighton Beach Blvd, North Fremantle, WA 6159

P: 9433 2147

E: info@bibandtucker.net.au