Winter Series: Nose to Tail

The next instalment on our Winter Series is Nose to Tail.

Join us on Tuesday, July 10 for an eight-course tasting menu with head chef Scott Bridger as he talks to his knowledge of cooking delicious and affordable secondary cuts.

Prepared in a traditional manner by hand; unprocessed and with passion, guests will embark on a culinary journey of Western Australia’s finest local produce focusing on the whole animal from nose to tail, paired with matching wines.

The great thing about secondary cut meat is that if it’s prepared correctly and cooked long enough, it’s actually extremely tasty and much more affordable. Our goal for this event is to have guests walk away knowing that there’s more to the animal than just bacon.” says chef Scott Bridger

From crispy pigs ears to a whole roasted loin of pork – if you’re a true lover of meat then this is the event for you!


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