Bib & Tucker Trades Buckets for Babycinos

This coming spring school holidays the team at Bib & Tucker are taking a stand against rubbish by offering families the opportunity to trade in a bucket of litter from the beach in return for a complimentary babycino and a muffin for each child who fills a bucket and complimentary coffee for mum or dad if they fill a bucket also!

Bib & Tucker believes in getting young beach lovers involved early by educating them about the importance of keeping Western Australia’s pristine beaches and water ways free of rubbish.

According to the University of Plymouth ingestion of man-made debris and waste entanglement accounts for millions of marine animal deaths every year, impacting over seven hundred marine and land species, whilst studies from the University of Queensland have shown that almost 50% of sea turtles globally are ingesting plastics leading to death.

Our aim is to help build a generation of waste conscious beach goers, rewarding children for their hard work in keeping their coastal backyard clean, demonstrating the importance of reducing our impact on marine ecosystems through a hands-on, proactive approach.

Patrons can pop into Bib & Tucker between Saturday 22nd September through to Sunday 7th October to pick up a Bib Bucket and return full to receive their free babycino or hot chocolate and muffin, and free coffee of choice for adults.

For more information on plastic ocean pollution, visit:

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